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Infomart Releases PowerEthernet Series of Active Hi-Power PoE Splitter.

Infomart´s 30 watt PoweredEthernet™ series High PoE active splitters and active "all in one" boards, offer high efficiency, cost effective solutions for WiMax™, wireless, IP Phones and PTZ Cameras.

BANGALORE, INDIA — February 1, 2007 — Today, Infomart (India) Pvt. Ltd. announced the release of its 30 Watt PoweredEthernet™ series of active High Power Over Ethernet (PoE) splitters and active High PoE boards.

The PES-40 Series active splitters and PEB-40 boards are designed to high power devices like access points and tower infrastructure for IEEE802.11N wireless, WiMax, IP video telephones, and high quality Pan-Tilt-Zoom IP cameras.

"These devices typically have power requirements of 18 to 30 watts, well beyond the current IEEE802.3af standards of 12.95 watts" said Devesh R. Agarwal, Director of Infomart. "Our PES-40 splitters and PEB-40 boards, deliver a cost effective solution, that eliminates the need for installing new AC power outlets, and the consequent cost and delays of wiring"

The PES-40 splitters are a power supply designed to be mounted right next to an Ethernet device, and will extract power injected in to the Ethernet cable, and pass the power and data separately to a legacy device. In addition to splitters, Infomart is also offering its "all in one" PEB-40 active High PoE board, enabling OEMs to implement high power PoE in their products.

The splitters and boards feature up to 88% efficiency over a wide output load band, 1500V DC isolation, diagnostic LEDs, and are compliant with the IEEE802.3af standard. The inputs are equipped with under-voltage protection, while the outputs are equipped with overload and short-circuit protection. For additional safety, the output can be shorted permanently without damage. Both the splitters and boards are available in a Gigabit version, with output DC voltages from 12 volts to 24 volts. The splitter is available in a vented plastic case. Infomart offers customized versions for OEMs.

Infomart´s PES-40 splitters have been independently tested to meet FCC and CE standards.

Founded in 1993, Infomart focuses on Power over Ethernet solutions and line telephone interface solutions. Headquartered in Bangalore, India, the company has presence in Singapore and the United States, and is looking to partners in other geographic areas.

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