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Altova MapForce® 2005 is the premier XML / database / flat file / EDI data mapping tool for advanced integration projects. This award winning, visual data mapper converts data on-the-fly and auto-generates custom data conversion code in XSLT 1.0/2.0, XQuery, Java, C++, and C#. With the power to integrate any combination of XML, databases, flat files, and EDI, MapForce® 2005 is the definitive tool for data integration and information leverage.


Altova MapForce® 2005 is a powerful visual XML, database, flat file, and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) mapping tool that makes it easy to instantly exchange data for one-time conversions, and it also simultaneously generates programming code for recurrent use in custom data integration applications.


MapForce® 2005 includes the first production-grade implementation of the W3C’s XSLT 2.0 and XPath 2.0 specifications and is the industry’s first and only product to let you choose between XSLT 1.0, XSLT 2.0, XQuery, Java, C#, and C++ code-generation – all from the same mapping design.

Download MapForce PDF


MapForce® 2005 supports XML, database, flat file, and EDI as the source(s) and/or target(s) of a mapping, enabling the data transactions listed below:

  • MapForce® 2005 Professional and Enterprise Editions: Mapping XML to XML

  • MapForce® 2005 Enterprise Edition: Mapping any combination of XML, database, flat file, and EDI data to any combination of XML, database, flat file, and/or EDI data models

Mapping is not limited to one-to-one relationships - MapForce® 2005 allows you to mix multiple sources and multiple targets to map any combination of different data formats in a mixed environment. For example, you might design a mapping to extract information from a partner’s EDI message, combine it with data from your XML-based purchase order system, and map it all to your sales database. MapForce® 2005 supports all varieties of transformations in one workspace, and a rich, extensible function library provides support for any kind of data manipulation.


Accelerate Software Development
Data integration projects rate among the most tedious developer tasks due to the volume of infrastructure code required to perform routine operations on data such as loading, persisting, validating, etc. MapForce® 2005 is the ultimate data integration productivity enhancer, automatically generating Java, XQuery, C++, and C# program code and standards-conformant XSLT 1.0 and 2.0 stylesheets, which would take hours to do manually. As such, MapForce® 2005 can mean the difference between a project’s success or failure.


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