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Altova SchemaAgent™ 2005 is the compelling new paradigm for modeling and managing advanced schemas in workgroups. You can view and manage schema relationships, and construct complex schemas from smaller ones via the graphical interface on this client/server based tool.


SchemaAgent™ 2005 is a graphical client/server schema administration tool that allows you to view a collection of schemas as a pool of resources.

SchemaAgent™ 2005 includes the SchemaAgent client and SchemaAgent™ 2005 Server, which is installed separately on one computer in your workgroup. SchemaAgent™ 2005 can access files stored in any standard repository, and all changes you make are automatically saved back to the repository and reflected on the other clients in your workgroup.

SchemaAgent™ 2005 allows you to:

  • Manage single or multiple schemas as schema components in a graphical workspace

  • Create schema designs for organizing and managing schema collections intuitively

  • Automatically create, update, or delete include / import / redefine references between schemas visually with simple drag and drop functions

  • Propagate changes made in one schema (e.g., rename or move) to all other schemas that reference it in the workspace

  • View includes / imports / redefines indicated by lines between schemas in the design pane (and in greater detail in the component itself)

  • Access SchemaAgent™ 2005 schemas and components when editing schemas in the Schema View of XMLSpy® 2005

  • Access schemas located in WebDAV folders on (secure) WebDAV servers

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