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Base Materials for PWBs


MCL−E−67 GEA−67N

Glass Epoxy Multilayer material(FR-4)
MCL-E-67 is a FR-4 multilayer material which has excellent properties of CAF as well as various electric and mechanical properties. This material is suitable for cellular phone, electric switching equipment, PCs and wide range of other applications.


Halogen Free Multilayer material
"Green Multilayer material ""Type No. MCL-BE-67G(H)"" has achieved the UL94V-0 level of flammability, by developing an original thermosetting resin that has excellent anti-flammability property without using any compounds which includes halogen, antimony, or red phosphorus.

This material has good heat resistance and high elastic modulus at high temperature, and low CTE. So it is advantageous for the soldering process at the high temperature with lead-free solder, and it is suitable for high density interconnection technology."

MCL−E−679 GEA−-679N

High Tg Glass-Epoxy Multilayer material
These FR-5 equivalent materials offer increased Tg (175 TMA) and improved through-hole reliability. With minimal water absorption rates of less than 50% of standard FR-4s, these materials use advanced resin technology to offer superior CAF restraining property and better wire bondability. It is suitable for the substrate of plastic BGA.

MCL−E−679F GEA−679F

High Elastic Modulus, Low CTE Glass-Epoxy Multilayer material
"Type No. MCL-E-679F is high elastic modulus and low CTE materials. (20% lower of CTE compared to standard FR-4.) And it has the properties for higher elasticity, higher barcol hardness. The warpage is very low, and it is suitable for the substrates of plastic BGA, memory card, memory module boards, base core material for build-up PWB, and LCD's driver boards."

MCL−E−679(LD) GEA−679N(LD) CTE

Low CTE, High Tg Glass-Epoxy Multilayer material
"Type No. MCL-E-679(LD)" is lower (-30%), and elastic modulus is higher (+10%) than conventional FR-4. Therefore, the multilayer boards composed by this products do not bow when heated. It is suitable for memory module board, inner layer board of build-up PWB, and especially for driver board of LCD.


Halogen Free, High Elastic Modulus, Low a Multilayer material
"Type no. MCL-E-679FG" has achieved the UL94V-0 level of flammability without using any compound which includes halogen, antimony or red phosphorous.This material has high-Tg, high elastic modulus and low CTE. So it is suitable for the substrates of plastic package, LCD's driver boards, and high density interconnection and advantageous for the soldering process at high temperature with lead free solder.

MCL−E−65(K) GEA−65N(K)

Low Dielectric Constant Epoxy Multilayer Material
Dielectric constant of this material shows 3.8 (at 1GHz).


High Dielectric Constant Multilayer Material
"Type No. MCL-HD-67" is high-dielectric constant, and low dissipation factor materials for multilayer boards. It is suitable for amplifier circuit board which is needed to be downsized.


Low Dissipation Factor, High Heat Resistance Multilayer Material
"Type No. MCL-LX-67" is high heat resistance multilayer material, which indicates low dielectric constant and low dissipation factor in GHz range of frequency, and also the processing characteristics are close to standard FR-4. It is suitable for high frequency circuit board of cellular phone base station in the wireless communication market.


Low Transmission Loss Material
"Type No.MCL-LX-67F" has low transmission loss that equals (a low dissipation factor) fluorine resin board(PTFE) and have a very excellent dielectric properties. Also, the processability of Type No.MCL-LX-67F does not require the type of treatment which is unique to the PTFE, thus can be processed using general FR-4 process. "Type No.MCL-LX-67F" is suitable for the antenna and converter PWB etc. of a high frequency band.


Higher Elastic Modulus Adhesive Film with Copper Foil
"Type No. MCF-6000E" is Hi-Tg adhesive film with copper foil. It has excellent reliability, adhesion and heat resistance properties.


Halogen Free Adhesive Film with Copper Foil for Build-up PWB
"Type No. MCF-4000G" is an adhesive film with copper foil. It has achieved UL94 V-0 flammability without halogenated flame retardants, antimony, and red phosphorus. It is suitable for build-up PWB by laser process.


Halogen-free Adhesive Sheet
AS-5000GP is a new halogen-free adhesive sheet for build-up type PWBs.


Glass Epoxy Copper Clad Laminate(FR-4)
MCL-E-67 is a FR-4 material for double sided PWBs, and has excellency in such properties as electric properties, surface smoothness, and dimensional stability. This material is suitable for office automation equipment, game machines, and electronics for automobiles.


High Anti-Tracking Glass Epoxy Copper Clad Laminate
MCL-E-670 is a glass epoxy FR-4 laminate with high CTI. It has low thermal expansion rate, and excellent property of through-hole reliability.


High Anti-Tracking Composite Copper Clad Laminate
MCL-E-630 is a composite CEM-3 material with high CTI. It also have superior UV blocking property, and able to conduct double side exposure. Also have excellency in long-term termal reliability.


Halogen Free FR-1
Green Paper-phenolic copper clad laminates "Type No. MCL-437G(N)" is an environmental friendly material that has achieved the UL94V-0 level of flammability without using any compounds which includes halogen, antimony, or red phosphorus. Type No. MCL-437G(N) is low smell and the amounts of phenol, formaldehyde extraction are reduced. General properties and punchability are almost same as standard FR-1.


Low Press Temperature, Adhesive Film
Type No. AS-2500" can be laminated at low press temperature and low pressure condition. It is suitable for laminating to glass plates, ceramics etc. And it also can be used for adhering to heat-slug with IC packages etc.


Low Press Temperature, Adhesive Film
"Type No. AS-2600" can be laminated under low press temperature and low press conditions. It is suitable for lamination to polyimide film and other metal (ex. nickel).


Thermal Conductive Adhesive Film
Type No. GF-3500 has high thermal conductivity and high reliability, including ceramic filler with B-stage epoxy resin and pliant resin.It is useful for PWB used with aluminum plate,mulitilayer (or double sided) PWB and for semiconductor package use.


Thermal Conductive Low Elasticity Adhesive Film
We have developed a new thermal conductive adhesive film which has low elasticity for heat lamination with materials of different CTE.


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