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Intel® Cluster Toolkit


Boost Cluster Performance

The new Intel Cluster Toolkit provides five software development solutions in one integrated bundle. This "one stop shop" supports all essential phases of the message-passing interface (MPI) application development process for Intel processor-based cluster systems running Linux.


Key Features

  • Intel MPI Library provides a flexible implementation of MPI for easier message-passing interface development on multiple network architectures.

  • Intel Cluster Math Kernel Library enables parallel computing programmers to develop Linux applications with numerical stability. Multiple library functionality includes ScaLAPACK, Vector Math and Statistical libraries, PARDISO Sparse Solver, and Discrete Fourier Transforms.

  • Intel Trace Collector applies event-based tracing in cluster applications with a low-overhead library. Offers performance data, recording of statistics, multi-threaded traces, and automatic instrumentation of binaries on IA-32.

  • Intel Trace Analyzer provides visual analysis of application activities gathered by the Intel Trace Collector.

  • Intel MPI Benchmarks is a comprehensive set of MPI benchmarks, formerly known as PMB.

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