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Intel® Cluster Tools


Improve High-Performance Applications Using Intel Cluster Tools

Create, analyze and optimize high-performance applications on clusters of Intel® processor-based systems with the help of Intel® Cluster Tools.


Intel Cluster Toolkit for Linux
Improve performance on Intel processor-based cluster systems with all four Intel cluster software development solutions plus the Intel MPI Benchmarks, an open source set of MPI benchmark kernels. These five tools are integrated into one software bundle.

Intel Trace Analyzer for Linux
Graphically display information gathered by Intel Trace Collector, to view the concurrent behavior of your parallel application.

Intel Trace Collector for Linux
Employ low-overhead, event-based tracing to profile the behavior of multithreaded applications with and without a Message-Passing Interface (MPI).

Intel Cluster Math Kernel Library for Linux
Make use of all the highly-optimized, thread-safe, mathematical functions of the Intel® Math Kernel Library, plus ScaLAPACK.

Intel MPI Library for Linux
Use this high-performance message-passing library to develop applications that can run on multiple cluster fabric interconnects chosen by the user at run-time.






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