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Intel® Trace Collector


Maximize Efficient Application Usage

Intel Trace Collector is a low-overhead tracing library that performs event-based tracing in applications. You can analyze the collected trace data for performance hotspots and bottlenecks. The product is completely thread safe and integrates with C++, Java and multi-threaded processes with and without MPI. Binary instrumentation and fail-safe mode are important other new features.


Features and Benefits

  • Automatically instrument MPI and routine entry/exit points. The traditional application programming interface (API) is also available to instrument application source code.

  • Trace concurrent behavior of parallel applications and calculate statistics on demand for specific time intervals and processes.

  • Reduce runtime overhead through scalability and memory handling. Trace data is cached in memory.

  • Monitor the application runtime with the Intel Trace Collector or use it in a purely statistical mode with counters. It calculates statistics regarding function calls, messages, and collective operations at runtime and stores them without event data.

  • Capture application statistics displays with trace data.

  • Be assured of completely thread-safe tracing of multi-threaded MPI applications, event-based tracing to non-MPI applications supporting Java processes, and multi-threaded processes without MPI.

  • Automatically monitor function entry/exit points through binary instrumentation of the executables. This leads to a detailed program analysis of your code and application runtime. In addition, with instrumentation capabilities you can trace C++ and Java class hierarchies.

  • Use the extended APIs to trace other programming models and libraries.

  • Record event trace data in highly-scalable Structured Trace Format (STF).

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