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Intel® C++ Compiler for Platform Builder for Windows CE .NET

The Intel C++ Compiler for Platform Builder for Windows* CE .NET includes an optimizing compiler and a set of Intel Debugging Extensions for PDAs, handheld devices, and cellular phone solutions. The Intel tools enable operating system kernel development for devices running on Intel Personal Internet Client Architecture (Intel PCA) processors using Windows CE .NET. The compiler is compatible with Platform Builder for Windows CE .NET, making it easy to create highly optimized phone and handheld (PDA) system software.



Features and Benefits
  • Full Intel XScale® Microarchitecture Support: Create applications optimized for Intel personal internet client architecture (Intel® PCA) processors using the Intel XScale micro architecture.

  • Microsoft-specific Intrinsic Functions: Provide direct hardware access from C++ level, including register and coprocessor access, using a high-level abstraction (no need to drop down to assembly code).

  • Highly Optimized Floating-point Emulation Libraries: Develop applications based on floating-point calculations.

  • Compatibility with Windows CE .NET: The Intel compiler plugs into the Platform Builder for Windows CE .NET development tools, preserving developer investment in building applications for Windows CE. The Intel C++ Compiler also can be installed and plugged into the Microsoft embedded Visual C++* development environment.

  • Visual C++ Thumb Mode Support: Offers 16-bit thumb mode support, preserving the investment developers may have in small-memory footprint applications.

  • Intel® Wireless MMX™ Support: Supports development of highly optimized, multimedia applications using Intel Wireless MMX technology at three levels: Intel Wireless MMX assembler support, intrinsic support, and vectorizer option switch.

  • Inter-procedure optimization: Creates faster code through in-lining, where function calls are replaced with real function codes.


  • The Intel C++ Compiler solution plugs into the Platform Builder for Windows CE 3.0, CE .NET (4.1, 4.2), supporting CE 5.0 for system software development and embedded Visual C++ for application development. Developers can use the Intel C++ Compiler to create applications for Windows CE 3.0, CE .NET (4.1, 4.2), CE 5.0, and Windows Mobile 2002, 2003 software for Pocket PC and Smartphone.

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