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Intel® Compiler for Windows Application Development


Accelerate Windows Applications
Develop high-performance software for desktops, servers, handheld devices and mobile phones that is optimized for Intel architecture using Intel Compilers for Windows.


Intel C++ Compiler for Windows

Deliver outstanding performance by optimizing your applications for Intel® processors. This package includes Intel® C++ Compiler for embedded Visual C++.

Intel C++ Compiler for Platform Builder for Windows CE .NET
Garner outstanding execution speeds for your wireless applications with direct hardware access from the C++ level. Employ optimization techniques for Intel XScale® technology.

Intel Visual Fortran Compiler Standard Edition, for Windows
Explore new opportunities in Fortran development with Compaq Visual Fortran language features and the Intel Visual Fortran code generator and optimizer.

Intel® Visual Fortran Compiler Professional Edition, for Windows
The Professional Edition offers all the highly-optimized components in the Standard Edition plus the IMSL Fortran Library 5.0 for Windows, a comprehensive set of functions for sophisticated numerical analysis.

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