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Intel® Thread Checker


Save Valuable Development Time

Intel Thread Checker finds threading bugs, including data races, thread deadlocks and thread stalls by monitoring your program as it runs.


Key Features

  • Isolate threading bugs to the source code line where the bug occurs. See where affected variables get used by the threads and where the variables are declared.

  • Learn possible causes of threading errors and suggested solutions with one-click diagnostic help.

  • Use Intel Thread Checker within the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET development environment.

Compatible with Tools You Use

  • Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Development Environment: Intel Thread Checker runs and displays results within the familiar Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Development Environment.

  • Microsoft Visual C++ .NET Compiler 2003 or 2002 Editions: Intel Thread Checker analyzes code built with these Microsoft compilers: Visual C++ .NET Compiler 2002 or 2003 Editions, and Visual C++ Compiler 6.0.

  • Intel Fortran and Intel C++ Compilers: Intel Thread Checker displays additional details and the actual variable names, even when using pointers, if you build your software with an Intel compiler and the /Qtcheck command-line option.

  • Win32 APIs for Threads: When not using OpenMP, Intel Thread Checker recognizes nearly all Win32 APIs and C runtime functions for threading. This includes creating, suspending and terminating threads; and using fibers, critical sections, event functions, interlocked (atomic) functions, mutexes, synchronization objects, thread pools and wait functions.

  • Complete Support for OpenMP: Intel Thread Checker recognizes all the OpenMP pragmas for error detection in OpenMP threaded applications.

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