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Intel® MPI Library


Add Flexible, Efficient Messaging for Clusters

Reduce QA testing effort and deliver outstanding flexibility for distributed-memory applications with Intel MPI Library. This single library enables you to easily build applications capable of execution across multiple network architectures.


Features and Benefits

  • Validate your code for a variety of network fabrics and devices, including TCP-based messaging for Ethernet networks, Shared Memory messaging for shared memory systems, and RDMA-based messaging for InfiniBand architecture interconnects.

  • Save testing time and equipment costs by having only one test-bed for various target platforms.

  • Ship and maintain only one version of your distributed-memory applications.

  • Deliver platform flexibility, allowing end users to simply invoke a new device driver to switch between fabrics at run-time.

  • Stay current with MPI-2 functionality—coverage encompasses the MPI-1 standard and includes many MPI-2 extensions.

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