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Specialty Chemicals


The world leader in Printed Circuit Boards. Photosensitive dry film and allied equipments. Paper phenolic copper clad laminates. Glass epoxy, polyimide copper clad laminates and prepregs including a full range of halogen free materials.


Photo imageable solder mask and etch resist, UV curable etch resist, solder mask, marking ink and conductive carbon and silver paste, UV and thermal curable plugging ink and screen printing materials.


Application specific process chemicals for PCB - cleaners, oxides, resist removers, solder strippers, HAL alternatives, developers, mask removers, HAL flux, antifoam, and special additives. Special solutions for Chemical milling and semiconductor packaging.


Copper clad laminates and prepregs - conventional and high Tg FR4, Low Df-Green FR4, Anti-CAF FR4, Laser Drill prepreg, resin coated copper foil, reverse side treated foil and mass lam.


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