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Intel® C++ Compiler for Linux


Intel C++ Compiler for Linux accelerates your software development, shortens your configuration time and improves your software performance while preserving your development investment.  Advanced optimization features deliver outstanding performance for applications running on the latest Intel® processors. The product includes source and binary compatibility with GCC 3.2/ 3.4/ 3.4 and compatibility with widely used Linux development utilities to support the way developers work.


Features and Benefits

  • Compatibility with Linux utilities — including widely-used utilities such as make, Emacs and gdb — saves you time and effort

  • Interprocedure optimization (IPO) creates faster code through inlining, replacing multiple function calls with actual function codes and performing absolute rather than relative addressing wherever possible

  • Highly-optimized, floating-point emulation allows development of performance-sensitive applications that use floating-point operations.

  • Intrinsic functions accessed from the C++ level make it easy to use Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) technology from the C++ application level.

  • Multi-threaded application support for OpenMP* and auto-parallelization is available.

  • Intel® Debugger saves you effort.

  • Supports the new Intel® Extended Memory 64 Technology (Intel® EM64T).


Advanced optimization features for the latest Intel processors help deliver outstanding application performance. Intel® compilers also provide capabilities that make it easy to take advantage of multiprocessor computers for even more performance.

  • Reduces code size for better running software.

  • Supports OpenMP 2.0 standard and auto-parallelism

  • Helps develop more stable code running at higher execution speeds.

  • Enables applications to run on multiple threads.

  • Complies faster to speed development process.

  • Delivers enhanced support for Intel® architecture.

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