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Code Coverage and Test Prioritization tools


The Code-Coverage and Test-Prioritization Tools, features of Intel compilers, help software developers see how much application code is exercised when a specific workload is applied to an application and, after making source-code changes, it can help developers find the smallest subset of application tests that achieve satisfactory code coverage testing.


Features and Benefits

  • Performance - The Code-Coverage Tool can improve development efficiency, improve quality, and increase application performance.

  • Flexible Analysis - The Code-Coverage Tool only analyzes what you want to analyze, from individual modules to entire applications.

  • Improved Testing - Developers can view overall code coverage as well as specific module source coverage to speed testing and improve software quality by viewing how much code is actually exercised by test suites.

  • Helper Frames - The tool automatically creates frames that help developers quickly and easily locate review information about test results and uncovered code.

  • Source-Code Browser - After reviewing high-level test results, developers can with a mouse click get a browser-based look at source code that is color coded to quickly identify test-areas of interest.

  • Color-Coded Information - Color-coded, browser-based presentation of code-coverage information makes it easy to see the level and extent of test-coverage for each application module.

  • Dynamic Counters - Displays dynamic execution counts of each basic block of the application so developers can easily find information about the number of executed blocks of code.

  • Differential Coverage - Quickly provides information about changes to code covered as tests are changed and re-run.

  • Included with Intel Compilers - The Code-Coverage and Test-Prioritization Tools are included with Intel Compilers - nothing extra to buy.

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