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Intel® C++ Compilers for Embedded Visual C++


Intel C++ Compiler for embedded Visual C++ enables you to optimize the performance of wireless and multimedia applications running on Intel personal internet client architecture (Intel PCA) processors using Microsoft Windows* CE .NET.



  • Full Intel XScale® Micro architecture Support

  • Microsoft-specific Intrinsic Functions

  • Optimized Floating-point Emulation Libraries

  • Visual C++ Thumb Mode Support

  • Support for Intel® Wireless MMX™ Technology

  • Inter procedural Optimization (IPO)

  • Cross-Architecture Support

  • Direct Access to Intrinsic Functions from C++ Level

  • Vectorizer Support

Compatible with embedded Visual C++: Plug the Intel compiler into the eMbedded Visual C++ development tools, preserving your investment in building applications for Microsoft Windows CE.


Intel Debugging Extensions: Obtain support for debugging application software that takes advantage of Intel XScale micro architecture. The Intel Debugging Extensions provide a plug-in browser for Microsoft embedded Visual C++, the integrated development environment for building application software. Running simultaneously with embedded Visual C++, the browser provides GUI-based access to information about co-processor and on-chip device registers, and on-chip execution trace.

Disassembler: Gain full inspection of Intel XScale technology instructions (mnemonic code) generated by the compiler; Intel Debugging Extensions communicate via Microsoft ActiveSync.

Standards Support: The compiler facilitates compliance with both the ANSI and ISO C/C++ standards.

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