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Intel® Fortran Compiler for Linux


The Intel Fortran Compiler for Linux* delivers outstanding application performance through optimization technology, threaded application support and compatibility with leading tools and standards.


Performance - Advanced optimization Features

  • Excellent floating-point instruction throughput

  • Inter procedural Optimization (IPO)

  • Profile-Guided Optimization (PGO)

  • Data prefetching

  • Compiler Code-Coverage Tool

  • Compiler Test-Prioritization Tool

  • Full support for Streaming SIMD Extensions 3

  • Automatic vectorizer

  • Runtime support for Intel processor generations: processor dispatch

  • Predication (Intel Itanium® 2 micro architecture only)

  • Improved branch prediction (Intel Itanium 2 micro architecture only)

  • Speculation (Intel Itanium 2 micro architecture only)

  • Software pipelining (Intel Itanium 2 micro architecture only)

  • Support for the new Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology (Intel EM64T)


  • Compatibility of features/components with Compaq Visual Fortran

  • Compatible with widely used Linux software utilities

Multi-Threading Application Support

  • OpenMP support: OpenMP is the industry standard for portable multi-threaded application development, and is effective at fine grain (loop level) and large grain (function level) threading. The Intel Fortran Compiler supports the OpenMP Fortran version 2.0 API specification (except WORKSHARE OpenMP directive) and performs code transformation for shared memory parallel programming. The Intel Fortran Compiler supports multi-threaded application development and debugging, with OpenMP 2.0 for Fortran.

  • Auto-Parallelization: Includes auto-parallelization for automatic threading of loops, to take advantage of parallelism and improve application performance on multiprocessor systems. This option detects parallel loops capable of being executed safely in parallel and automatically generates multi-threaded code. Automatic parallelization relieves the user from having to deal with the low-level details of iteration partitioning, data sharing, thread scheduling and synchronizations. It also provides the benefit of the performance available from multiprocessor systems and systems that support Hyper-Threading Technology.

Standards Compliance

  • ISO Fortran support: The Intel Fortran Compiler is fully compliant with the ISO Fortran 95 standard and supports the evolving Fortran 2003 standard.

  • Mixed Language Support (C, Fortran): The Intel Fortran Compiler supports mixed language programming and debugging between C and Fortran.

Intel Debugger: Use the command-line and GUI-based Intel Debugger that is executable on native IA-32 and Itanium 2 processors, and on Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology (Intel EM64T). It can be used to debug C++ and Fortran applications that are composed of modules built by one or more compilers (including the Intel compilers) producing ELF/Dwarf-2 Symbol and Type information. In addition, it manages multiple threads, displaying thread-specific data and user-selectable threads. It also provides DBX-like command syntax by default, with optional GDB-like syntax.


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