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Intel® Visual Fortran Compiler for Windows


Intel Visual Fortran Compiler for Windows accelerates your software development, shortens your configuration time and improves your software performance while preserving your development investment.


Standard and Professional Edition

The Standard Edition features the compiler, Intel Array Visualizer and the Intel Debugger among other capabilities. The Professional Edition provides all the components licensed in the Standard Edition and also includes the IMSL Fortran Library 5.0 for Windows.

Professional Edition: The IMSL libraries are a comprehensive set of mathematical and statistical functions that programmers can embed into their software applications. IMSL provides high-performance computing software to develop sophisticated numerical analysis applications. The IMSL Fortran Library 5.0 integrates the world-renowned IMSL F90 library and parallel processing features with the IMSL FORTRAN 77 library into a single, cohesive package. This includes new powerful and flexible interface modules that allow for the use of advanced Fortran syntax and optional arguments throughout, while still providing full backward compatibility.

These interface modules simplify and speed coding while improving quality by reducing the likelihood of mistakes. They also facilitate development of simpler Fortran applications while providing full depth and control for experienced programmers. The IMSL Fortran Library 5.0 also incorporates a number of valuable new numerical algorithms and expanded support for SMP parallel processing.



  • Compatibility with Compaq Visual Fortran*, which makes it easier to move and preserve your investment in software development.

  • Advanced optimization features for the latest Intel processors to help deliver outstanding application performance.

  • Integrates into Microsoft Visual C++ .NET development environment.

  • Professional Edition includes IMSL Fortran Library 5.0.

  • Stores floating-point operations in a highly optimized, floating-point emulation library so performance-sensitive applications can run at higher execution speeds.

  • Improves application performance dramatically by using the Inter procedural Optimization (IPO) in programs containing many small- or medium-sized functions that are used frequently, especially for programs that contain calls within loops.

  • Takes advantage of the processor micro architecture by more effectively using instruction paging and cache memory. Makes better branch predictions with the Profile Guided Optimization (PGO) by reducing instruction-cache thrashing, reorganizing code layout and reducing branch mispredictions.

  • Hides memory access latency with data prefetching which moves prefetch instructions for selected data items into cache memory. This can provide significant performance improvement for applications that are more compute intensive.

  • Increases development efficiency, reduces defects, and increases application performance performance with the Compiler Code-Coverage Tool.

  • Speeds QA testing with the Compiler Test-Prioritization Tool.

  • Supports multithreading applications with OpenMP* API version 2.0 and auto-parallelization.

  • Supports the new Intel® Extended Memory 64 Technology (Intel® EM64T).

  • Supports the Intel® Debugger

Standards Compliance: Comply with ANSI C/C++ and ISO C/C++ standards with support found in Intel C++ Compiler for Windows.

Intel Debugger: Use the command-line and GUI-based Intel Debugger that is executable on native IA-32 and Itanium 2 processors, and on Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology (Intel EM64T). It can be used to debug C++ and Fortran applications that are composed of modules built by one or more compilers (including the Intel compilers) producing Microsoft Symbol and Type information. In addition, it manages multiple threads, displaying thread-specific data and user-selectable threads.

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