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Intel® Parallel Studio


Ultimate all-in-one parallelism toolkit for Microsoft Visual Studio* C/C++ developer Lifecycle.

Intel brings simplified, end-to-end parallelism to Microsoft Visual Studio* C/C++ developers with Intel Parallel Studio. Leveraging more than 25 years of parallel software and high-performance expertise, Intel provides advanced tools to optimize client applications. Create parallel applications for the desktop and compete in a multicore industry.



Intel Parallel Composer
Intel® Parallel Composer brings an unprecedented breadth of parallelism development options. Its combination of compilers, libraries, including OpenMP, and parallel debugger extension for Microsoft Visual Studio* C/C++ developers supports easier, faster multithreading of serial and parallel applications. Libraries of optimized functions drawing on thousands of lines of parallel code, full integration with Visual Studio and the Microsoft* debugger, and parallel debugging capabilities make Parallel Composer an invaluable part of the developer toolset.


Intel Parallel Inspector
Intel® Parallel Inspector is the easiest multithreading error checking tool for Microsoft Visual Studio* C/C++ developers. Parallel Inspector detects challenging threading and memory errors and provides guidance to help ensure application reliability. Unlike other error checkers on the market, Parallel inspector is the fastest and most comprehensive method to pinpoint latent multithreading and memory errors.


Intel Parallel Amplifier
Intel® Parallel Amplifier makes it simple to quickly find multicore performance bottlenecks without needing to know the processor architecture or assembly code. Parallel Amplifier takes away the guesswork and analyzes performance behavior in Windows* applications, providing quick access to scaling information for faster and improved decision making.






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