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Intel® Thread Profiler


Get Insight into Threaded Code Performance

See how thread overhead and thread synchronization impact your application's performance. Fine tune the performance of threaded software with Thread Profiler.


Thread Profiler Performs Critical Path Analysis



Key Features

Pinpoint opportunities for performance tuning.
For Win32 and POSIX threaded code, identify these types of performance issues:

  • Synchronization delays

  • Stalled threads

  • Excessive blocking time

  • Under- or over-utilization of processors

For OpenMP threaded code, see:

  • Time spent:

    • In parallel code

    • In sequential code

    • Waiting at barriers for other threads

    • Waiting to enter critical sections or to access locks

    • In critical sections and holding locks

  • Thread workload imbalance

    • Parallel overhead

    • Sequential overhead

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET integration — run Thread Profiler and view results in Visual Studio .NET on Windows

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