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Intel® VTune™ Performance Analyzers for Windows


Intel VTune™ Performance Analyzer helps you streamline your code in just a few clicks, taking you beyond educated guessing. Analyze a native or remote system to optimize performance across Intel architectures.


Key Features

  • Time–and Event-Based, System-Wide Sampling provides the most accurate representation of actual software performance with minimal impact on program execution.

  • Call Graph Profiling offers a pictorial view of program flow to help you quickly identify critical functions and call sequences.

  • Counter Monitor allows you to readily track system activity and resource consumption during runtime to help detect system level performance issues.

  • Use Sampling to gain an accurate representation of your software's actual performance, with negligible overhead. Gather CPU snapshots to identify problems such as cache misses. No special builds or instrumentation are required.

  • View results of time and event sampling on multiple levels with Hotspot Analysis, drilling down to the exact operating system process, thread, module executable, function/method, individual line of source code, or individual machine/assembly language instruction to identify specific bottlenecks.

  • Produce a picture of program flow to quickly identify critical functions and call sequences using Call Graph Profiling. Gain a high-level, algorithmic view of program execution.
    Track system activity and resource consumption during runtime with the Counter Monitor to help identify system level performance issues.

  • Collect performance data on a remote Linux* system while maintaining the Windows GUI ease-of-use for data analysis and interpretation.

  • Gather performance data for Intel® PXA2xx processors using a very lightweight and low-overhead remote data collector. Use the host system to easily control (configure, start, and stop) the target development system.

  • Tune code more efficiently using Intel® Tuning Assistant to suggest code improvements based on an extensive knowledge base.

  • Gain out-of-the-box productivity and ease of use with strong integration to Visual Studio .NET, including support for projects, compiling and source code compatibility with Microsoft compilers.

  • Save time by automating sampling with the ability to collect sampling data through the command line, independent of the Intel VTune Performance Analyzer GUI.

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